Different ways to pay your PAG-IBIG home loan

I usually pay my PAG-IBIG mortgages online using Metrobank Online (check out my tutorial on that here.), but recently, PAG-IBIG was unable to timely send a statement of account so I snooped around for the other ways of paying if you only had the housing loan number because I didn't want to pay a penalty. As it turns out, PAG-IBIG has instituted more ways of paying home loans, individual contributions and MP2 contributions so that there will be more convenient options aside from trekking and lining up in a PAG-IBIG office. Also, as of July 1, 2018, PAG-IBIG stopped accepting housing loan payments at its offices so there really is no choice for housing loan borrowers but to remit their payments through the accredited payment centers.

For the traditionalists and hindi takot sa COVID, over the counter payments can be made here:

  1. Monthly Savings and Housing Loan Amortizations
  2. Housing Loan Amortizations only

Have your Housing Loan account number ready when making your over the counter payments. 

For the more technologically inclined, you can settle your housing loan using:

  • G-Cash
  • PayMaya
  • Moneygment App
  • Coins.ph
  • Metrobank Online
I eventually paid my mortgage using Gcash and it was such an effortless experience! I will definitely make Gcash my Plan B when I can't settle my mortgage using Metrobank Online because there's a 5p transaction fee with Gcash. Free is always best.

This one is not included in  the list of authorized collection agents in the PAG-IBIG website, but I personally verified that Touch Pay kiosks can also accept PAG-IBIG housing loan, MP2 and individual member payments.

The TouchPay kiosk asked for the PAG-IBIG reference number so I'm not sure if that's the unique payment reference number generated every month with the statement of account or just the housing loan number. I'll update this post when I find out.

Another thing to know about paying through a TouchPay kiosk is that there's a Php10,000.00 maximum per payment and there's a 7p fee.

Did I miss any other payment channels for paying PAG-IBIG housing loan? Please leave a comment if I did and if you've tried the different payment channels mentioned here.

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Anonymous said…
I really like coins.ph! There are some transaction fees on certain bills but you get five pesos for every bill you paid so it's just 2 pesos transaction fee. You still get 5 pesos cashback even if the bill has no transaction fee. And you get 100 pesos if you pay 5 unique bills in a week, unique bills meaning you have not paid for that account number in a month!
Jillsabs said…
Oh wow! I'll try out coins.ph too. Those cashback rewards can quickly add with the number of bills we pay online every month. Thanks for the tip!
Taking note on these options Jill! Gcash seems like the most convenient option as money can earn interest while being parked in a gsave account. And the PhP5.00 convenience fee is pretty reasonable, assuming gcash doesn't raise it any further. I do feel insecure about the whole online gcash platform which may be in danger of being hacked, unlike an offline passbook/checking account.

It's unfortunate that PAGIBIG doesn't offer an auto-debit option unlike private banks. We plan to issue 12 post-dated checks every year. Granted, checks cost about PhP3.00 a piece, depending on what bank you use, and checking accounts are generally zero interest, but as we already have an existing checkbook anyway...
Jillsabs said…
Of course I had to research on what a Gsave account was and I'm floored that it offers a 4% p.a. interest rate! Wow! Sayang lang that it's only until November 30 this year. https://www.cimbbank.com.ph/en/promotions/promotions/4-percent-special-interest-promo.html

I lucked out with my Pag-ibig payment because I was already a Metrobank account holder when I took out my Pag-ibig loan, so after my PDCs ran out, I've been paying online ever since.

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