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Every now and then, like once or twice a year, I give a personal finance talk upon the invitation of friends. Giving talks take a lot out of me because I'm not comfortable being in front of an audience and it takes me hours and hours to come up with a presentation. But I do it just the same because I get to see my friends and it's a different kind of high to be sharing my passion to others.

These videos were taken middle of last year at a government agency where some friends worked. They invited me to give a short personal finance lecture to the agency's drivers and other employees.

What I remember most fondly about this particular lecture was the open forum at the end where one of the participants talked about his own "kayod" moments to put his kids through school. By then, his kids were already finished with their education and so he was pretty much taking it easy. You could really hear the pride in his voice and he had a positive "if I can do it, so can you" attitude about him which seemed to inspire the other participants.

Another unforgettable moment was when a participant approached me after the event and started sharing his own money misadventure and the hard-won lessons he picked up from that.

I really do believe that we have to normalize talking about money. It shouldn't be a taboo subject that immediately subjects those who talk about it to being labeled as "mukhang-pera" (yup, it happened to me). It's precisely because we don't talk about money that people fall prey to pyramid schemes and other similar frauds, since they believe that it's perfectly normal to get a 25% return on their investments per month. 

Financial literacy should be up there with learning good manners and arithmetic, as it is also a basic skill that every person should master.

I have no delusion that my talk that day changed anyone's life, but the fact that they started talking about and sharing their experiences, both good and bad, with money was already enough to warm this personal finance nerd's heart.

Special thanks to the Ms. Rose F. Fausto a.k.a. The FQ Mom (my life peg!) who generously contributed to my talk. 

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  1. Love your voice!

    Re: accountants, I'm laughing because most of the accountants I know would say magaling lang daw sila magbilang ng pera ng iba.

    The bit on personal finance being behavioral is true for me. I already know it's where I will struggle with the most!

    1. Thank you! My voice at 10 years old is the same voice I have now at 41 years old. I prefer to think of it as youthful rather than infantile :p It's really all in how you frame things :p

      Congratulations on acknowledging the behavioral issues that are affecting your financial growth or even growth in general! A lot of people don't or won't even get to that level, so admitting your self-imposed stumbling blocks is a great way to begin your journey to FI.

  2. Such a great presentation Jill! I can tell everything was very well thought out and organized. It showed in how you conveyed the information to the group! Also, you gave examples that were very relatable and a way that didn’t shame anyone.
    I’m sure you know all this but just wanted to acknowledge it and say hello. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, but I still remember my visits to you and your family very well!! Hope you’re well, say hello to everyone ��

    -Christine De Jesus


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